Some of the most recognizable icons of eye fashion are Ray Ban sunglasses. These accessories are true classics that will never go out of style. No matter what your specific tastes, there is a design in this line of protective eyewear that is just right for you. Following are four hot Ray Ban sunglasses available on the market today.

My first pick is the Ray-Ban Aviator 3293. These glasses are light weight but very sturdy. The frame is constructed of attractive metal that is as reflective as the lenses themselves. These Ray Ban sunglasses are perfect for all types of outdoor use because of their outstanding clarity.

The Aviators are well recognizable as the Ray Ban sunglasses for choice for state troopers as well as pilots. The design is traditional and very professional. The clean, rounded lines are smooth and sleek but there isn’t overwhelming flash in these sun glasses.

Ray-Ban is a trusted name in eyewear fashion because their frames just look so. Damn. Cool. (It certainly doesn’t hurt that they were originally designed for military use in 1937, and thus provide superior UV light protection).

Another set of designer sunglasses that this company offers is the Aviator Outdoorsman II. These Ray Ban sunglasses are super durable and remarkably attractive. They offer a lot of protection from UV rays and they also offer a clear view. Many lesser glasses just can’t achieve such a balance.

You may see these Ray Ban sunglasses on professionals like forest rangers or on just about any outdoor enthusiast. These glasses are ideal because they are so strong and effective while still staying true to the clean style that Ray Ban sun glasses offers.

Feminine styles are a must if a company wants to stay competitive in today’s market. The Casual Lifestyles series in Ray Ban sunglasses offer a line of feminine glasses that are just as effective and durable as the others. I love that the added feature of scratch resistant lenses has been added to this lovely item.

The Casual Lifestyle series not only offers all the UV protection and durability that you would expect from this outstanding company. It also offers the impact-proof lenses as well as polarized lenses that are designed to get rid of pesky glare. The plastic frame is light and very fashionable.

There are those of us who love the plastic design but if you really want a classic look in Ray Ban sunglasses that is still quite feminine, then the RB 3198 glasses are for you. These dainty-looking sun glasses are just as strong as the others and just as attractive.

There are a plethora of other Ray Ban sunglasses to consider. Once you get a pair, you’ll know why they are so popular.