When you are looking for a unique and unusual gift for a man it may seem that your choices are slim. Most men have enough socks and ties to last them for eternity and unless you know what sports team he is a fan of, it’s nearly impossible to buy tickets he’ll enjoy. Old pocket watches make a fantastic gift for almost every man. They can be given as a birthday, anniversary and even retirement present.

Morris Murphy quietly sat hunched over a bench in the middle of Bart’s Flea Market and looked closely at a disassembled pocket watch. Thick glasses and different degrees of magnify lenses sat right below his gray hair to help him see the super small pieces.

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Finding them is easier than most people think. You don’t have to go rummaging through boxes in your grandfather’s attic to find an old piece of jewelry like this. Many online auction sites and even classified ads sites have many old pocket watches listed for sale. You want to be sure about exactly what you are looking for before you set out on this type of search though.

There is one important consideration you need to make when you first decide to give something like this as a gift. You need to determine whether you want to purchase an authentic vintage pocket watch or a replica of an old pocket watch. They differ in several ways from one another so it’s a good idea to consider which you think the recipient would like more.

Replica pieces of jewelry are a great choice if you know the person you are giving it to would prefer something that looks old but is relatively new. In terms of replica old pocket watches one advantage they present that an antique one doesn’t is they run on a battery. Some people prefer this and for the person giving the watch, they’ll likely also enjoy the fact that these watches generally cost a little less than authentic versions do.

Authentic ones are still very sought after though because they have so much charm and are such a unique treasure. When you are looking at old pocket watches that were crafted decades ago, ensure that all the parts are still working. It’s also a good idea to make certain that the glass isn’t chipped or cracked. If it is you can always have it easily replaced by a watchmaker.

If you’re fortunate you may also stumble across the original story behind the timepiece. This often happens if you buy from a collector or someone who has inherited the watch. It’s great to be able to tell the person you are giving the watch to who it belonged to in the past. It makes the gift that much more special to both of you.