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Why is it so hard to find long sleeve dresses? Many women like to have their arms covered. I would wager that there are more women who want long sleeve dresses than women who want sleeveless outfits. The absence (or lack of) coverings for the arms has many ladies conducting endless searcher for outfits that offer adequate coverage.

The lack of long sleeve dresses has plagued the nation for at least a decade and the problem spans from formal wear to casual outfits as well. Unless you plan to buy a sweater you are certain to be on a really challenging hunt for the right outfit. This aggravating situation leaves many shy and self conscious ladies looking for viable solutions.

Forget trying to buy a wedding gown that covers your arms anymore. I wanted to choose from long sleeve dresses for my bridal attire. I had two gowns from which to choose. Neither one was of my liking. It was amazing to me that the search for a gown that would provide adequate cover would be so difficult especially since I was having a winter wedding.

The bridesmaids’ gowns were no better. I chose two bridesmaids and told them that they could wear whatever formal gown they wanted as long as they matched. My bridesmaids were ecstatic that they had so much freedom but one of my dear friends could not find any long sleeve dresses in formalwear that suited her tastes and fit the general color theme.

I was saddened that she chose to drop out of the bridal party rather than wear something that she wasn’t comfortable wearing. Her plight was valid and it may have hinged somewhat on vanity but she was perfectly in the right for making the decision of not attending a public function without sleeves.

She is a breast cancer survivor who had a mastectomy. This operation saved her life but there is a small side effect. Her right arm swells and turns purple in color. She only wears long sleeve dresses. Unfortunately, she was not able to find one. Her frustration and discomfort led to the sad decision.

The problems with finding long sleeve dresses for my wedding were eventually solved. I bought a used wedding gown for next to nothing. This older dress had long sleeves and it was a perfectly thrifty option.

My bridesmaid reversed her decision and bought a short, formal jacket dyed to match her gown. It may be a challenge but we will get our long sleeve dresses one way or another.