Most male culture is a mystery to me. So much of how males behave and the reasons why makes no sense to me. The social behavior of males is too complex to decipher so perhaps we should just take a look at the outside and leave the inside for later.

We promise you don’t need Balenciaga jeans to try out the trend. Brands like H&M, BDG, Agolde, and Goldsign all have a range of options at different price points.


Let us begin with male fashion. In most cases, the more appropriate term would be “lack of fashion.” Most males spend little time shopping or putting together outfits. Most simply put on what appears to be clean. Many times they wear what appears to be clean enough. This often means wearing something you have worn recently but were lucky enough not to have spilled much on it.

The uniform for the average young male appears to be t-shirt, baggy jeans, tennis shoes and the optional baseball cap. In colder weather you will notice the very popular hoodie on most males. Some even wear shorts throughout the year and may simply pair it with a sweater if it is wintry out. Many of these short wearers will wear sandals in all kinds of weather. This is intriguing and very confusing to me. Either they only have one pair of shoes for all seasons and occasions, or the other pairs weren’t staring them in the face while they were getting dressed.

I have to admit that the most disappointing aspect of this male uniform is the baggy jeans. I would like to see some of the 70s fashion reemerge. In the 70s men often wore clothes that showed off their form. Baggy jeans do not allow for any revelation.

I would like to see males wearing more 70s-inspired fashion that is more form-fitting than the cookie cutter t-shirt and baggy jeans look. Nearly all of female fashion is designed to show off the wearer’s form while male fashion lacks in this area almost entirely. I think that there are a lot of people out there, both male and female, that would support this evolution of the male fashion world. Unfortunately for now, there is just not much out there is the way of male attire that showcases the male form.

Did we become shy or just lazy? Male fashion used to be a lot more complex and interesting than it is right now. Perhaps it has something to do with comfort. I assume that baggy jeans and t-shirts and much more comfortable than the fashions designed for women. If we cannot move male fashion into the realm of body form appreciation, perhaps we can move female fashion out of that realm and into one where comfort is supreme.