Adrienne Vittadini

It so often happens that a hobby can lead to a multi million dollar business, which is what happened when fashion guru Adrienne Vittadini started to design clothes and accessories. She was born in 1945 in Budapest, and came to America with her family after they fled from the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. She was enrolled at the Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia.

The president’s daughter’s fashion line has being sold with an ‘Adrienne Vittadini Studio’ label in the US discount chain Stein Mart. Sad …

The brand name she developed soon became associated with elegance and a more European style. It’s not a staid brand however, and Adrienne Vittadini will often use bold colors for her fabrics. The range is varied and includes ladies’ clothing, handbags, swimsuits, shoes and perfumes. Celebrities such as Candice Bergen, Kim Basinger and broadcaster Joan Lunden love to be seen in her creations. She designs formal wear and casual outfits. Jewelry is also on offer, including bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings. The choice of rings includes jet and tiger’s eye designs. All of the jewelry items tend to be understated and very feminine.

You can also buy watches, sunglasses, and the luggage range called Travelware. A complete outfit can be matched with accessories such as scarves, belts and hats. The scarves come in squares and boas and the belts are of various design, including suede, leather and chain, calfskin and openwear chain link. Adrienne Vittadini thinks of everything, right down to hosiery, including seamless, camisole and fine mesh.

Men are not completely forgotten in the midst of all things female. There are men’s fragrances, wallets and cuff links. For those men who don’t like to shop, or indeed women, it’s made easy with the Adrienne Vittadini online catalog. You can also purchase gift cards in store or online from a value of $25 to $1,000. These can’t be redeemed online but there are plans to expand the service to allow that in future. For a special occasion, it’s possible to order items from the Adrienne Vittadini range to be packed in a gift box all wrapped up with a ribbon. You can do this online too, and it’s a complimentary service. The candle sets and perfume gift boxes are particularly popular.

So, this is a story of true enterprise, rewarded with success. The business was bought by Retail Brand Alliance in 2001. People Magazine had placed Adrienne Vittadini in their chart of 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 1992. Like others before her, a political revolution had brought Adrienne to the US, and she worked hard to be a huge success in a free economy.

Antique Pocket Watch

I love modern technology. I love the fact that you can turn on a computer without knowing anything about it, and use it to navigate information all over the world. I love high-tech gizmos and gadgets of all sorts, even if I don’t always understand their workings. Nonetheless, I think there is something that kids miss out on with all this high-tech stuff.

Here at Hackaday we have a bit of a preoccupation with timepieces. Maybe it’s the deeply personal connection to an object you wear on your body, or the need for ultimate reliability. 


When I was a kid, my dad had an antique pocket watch that he had inherited from his own father. He let me look at it every once in a while – although he would carefully monitor me to make sure I didn’t do anything to it. He loved that antique watch, and looking inside I could easily see why. It was an extremely well-crafted piece of work. Some antique pocket watches can keep time that nearly rivals that of quartz crystal power displays. This was one such watch. The intricate gears had been precisely calibrated to be as close to perfection as was possible.

I always wanted to take apart that antique pocket watch to see what made it tick, but of course my dad wouldn’t allow it. That is why when I reached the age of 15, I bought a broken antique Swiss pocket watch. I was curious naturally, and I thought that it would be a cinch to figure out. Boy was I surprised – restoring a watch is no picnic.

It is, however, a satisfying feeling. I had to take out every single piece of that antique pocket watch, check it for defects, clean it, and put it back in exactly as it had been. By the time that was done, hours had passed, but I had been able to witness the inner workings of the antique pocket watch. I knew what every piece did, and knowing that was very satisfying. I felt like I had really mastered it and come to understand its inner workings.

When my kids get a little older, I hope that they come to appreciate antique pocket watches as much as I did. Computers are so abstract, processing information in chips with switches that are so small that no one can see them with the naked eye. The great thing about an antique watch is that you can really look at what is going on. That is something that we miss out on with modern technology. All of the stuff we use feels like magic. It is nice to have something you can really look inside of and learn about.

Fashion Of The 80’s

The 80’s decade was an interesting mixture of contrasting images and the fashion of the 80’s produced several different trends, many of them tying in with the music, television shows and movies of the time. It was the decade of the yuppie, young and successful go getters in the City, who were apt to wear red braces, carry filofaxes and prop up wine bars in their lunch breaks. Button down collars and skinny neckties were all the rage. For the ladies, shoes with spiked heels and pointed toes completed the look. Supermodels, such as Christie Brinkley and Elle McPherson, were on the covers of the top fashion magazines.

It’s always funny to look back on what used to be the hottest of hot trends. The 80s for example, were a very loud and exciting time, which was absolutely represented in the fashion of that decade. The colors were bright, the leg warmers were fuzzy, and the perms, well the perms were just glorious.

Both men and women wore ‘power suits’ to the office. They were dressed to impress and the lure of designer labels, such as Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, was taking off. Women were rising up the executive ladder and they needed to look like they meant business. Everyone over a certain age remembers the shoulder pad. They may even make a comeback, who knows? In the 80’s fashion world for women, they were everywhere. They were worn in suits and dresses, although some were removable. The glossy soap opera, Dynasty had them in abundance as Linda Evans and Joan Collins both seemed to grow them in ever increasing size. Both Dynasty and its rival, Dallas were a shop window on the most sophisticated outfits of fashion in the 80’s.

The Miami Vice show was a big influence on men’s clothes. Detectives Crockett and Tubbs (Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas) were responsible for the popularity of white suits and pastel colored suits. Ray-Ban sunglasses and what came to be known as ‘designer stubble’ were also evident. Keeping a pet crocodile however, failed to catch on.

The aerobics craze which sprung up caused women to wear their exercise clothes adapted as street wear, including leg warmers, leggings and headbands. Mini skirts, particularly ra-ra skirts were also popular. Athletic gear in general moved to the street and it was felt essential to wear the latest Nike, Converse, or Adidas training shoe. Jeans were often bleached and ripped jeans were uniformly worn by the younger generation.

Each decade throws up a new trend for the young and the fashion of the 80’s had its share of cultural movements. In the UK, the New Romantic bands in the charts, such as Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and the Human League wore flamboyant outfits with big hair doused in hair spray. Male pop stars of the day, including Boy George, wore artistically applied make up and all this was copied by the fans. Some dance clubs would not allow entrance unless you looked good. Vivienne Westwood, the fashion designer who had made her name in the 1970’s punk movement, designed Regency style clothes for the bands and she was responsible for the pirate look, adopted by Adam and the Ants.

Traditional working clothes were taken up by young people as street wear, including Dr Martins boots and chequered shirts. These were mostly worn by post punk teenagers in Britain. The Gothic movement was also an influential part of the fashion of the 80’s; with beautiful velvet dresses, and spiked dog collars, corsettes and black nail varnish.

How to Improve Eyesight Naturally

Since the time we are toddlers most of us are used to hearing that we only have two eyes. That’s true and that’s the main reason why it’s so important to take care of your eyes. To this end seeing the eye doctor on a regular basis ensures that your eyes are healthy. Too often the eye doctor will also suggest the use of corrective lenses in the form of eyeglasses or contact lenses. Most of us would love to throw away our eyewear in favor of perfect vision. One approach is to have surgery to correct the contour of the eye. If that isn’t appealing to you consider one of the many methods to improve eyesight naturally.

Eyesight can deteriorate as people get older or due to certain health conditions. However, there are a number of natural ways a person can protect and improve their vision without the need for corrective glasses.


The food we eat and how we treat our bodies has a definite effect on how we feel. It also can influence eyesight. The old adage that carrots help improve eyesight naturally is actually quite true. In addition to carrots there are a number of other foods that when consumed on a regular basis can actually do wonders for vision.

Vitamins are also a necessity when it comes to good optical health. Eating a balanced diet always helps with this as does taking supplements. There’s also widespread belief that you can improve eyesight naturally by taking many different herbal remedies. It’s true that herbs can have powerful effects on the eyes and many people swear by the fact that their eyesight improved dramatically after they began adopting a routine of taking certain herbs. Researching the relevant herbs and how they are best consumed is a great approach to take. Also, consider talking to a naturopath about supplements that can help you see clearer.

Just as we exercise our bodies by running and walking, and our minds by reading, we can also exercise our optical muscles. This is actually a very effective way to improve eyesight naturally. The exercises depend largely on the particular type of vision problems, whether it’s nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Using this type of exercise routine is helpful to people of all ages.

It goes without saying that you also must take care of your eyes by being proactive about their health. If you get an eye infection it’s important to have a doctor take a look at it as soon as possible. Leaving an eye problem like this untreated can lead to permanent vision problems.

You don’t have to settle for glasses or contact lenses if your vision isn’t perfect. There are techniques that can help improve vision naturally. Once you try them and literally see the results you’ll be able to put your glasses away forever.

Ray-ban Sunglasses

Some of the most recognizable icons of eye fashion are Ray Ban sunglasses. These accessories are true classics that will never go out of style. No matter what your specific tastes, there is a design in this line of protective eyewear that is just right for you. Following are four hot Ray Ban sunglasses available on the market today.

My first pick is the Ray-Ban Aviator 3293. These glasses are light weight but very sturdy. The frame is constructed of attractive metal that is as reflective as the lenses themselves. These Ray Ban sunglasses are perfect for all types of outdoor use because of their outstanding clarity.

The Aviators are well recognizable as the Ray Ban sunglasses for choice for state troopers as well as pilots. The design is traditional and very professional. The clean, rounded lines are smooth and sleek but there isn’t overwhelming flash in these sun glasses.

Ray-Ban is a trusted name in eyewear fashion because their frames just look so. Damn. Cool. (It certainly doesn’t hurt that they were originally designed for military use in 1937, and thus provide superior UV light protection).

Another set of designer sunglasses that this company offers is the Aviator Outdoorsman II. These Ray Ban sunglasses are super durable and remarkably attractive. They offer a lot of protection from UV rays and they also offer a clear view. Many lesser glasses just can’t achieve such a balance.

You may see these Ray Ban sunglasses on professionals like forest rangers or on just about any outdoor enthusiast. These glasses are ideal because they are so strong and effective while still staying true to the clean style that Ray Ban sun glasses offers.

Feminine styles are a must if a company wants to stay competitive in today’s market. The Casual Lifestyles series in Ray Ban sunglasses offer a line of feminine glasses that are just as effective and durable as the others. I love that the added feature of scratch resistant lenses has been added to this lovely item.

The Casual Lifestyle series not only offers all the UV protection and durability that you would expect from this outstanding company. It also offers the impact-proof lenses as well as polarized lenses that are designed to get rid of pesky glare. The plastic frame is light and very fashionable.

There are those of us who love the plastic design but if you really want a classic look in Ray Ban sunglasses that is still quite feminine, then the RB 3198 glasses are for you. These dainty-looking sun glasses are just as strong as the others and just as attractive.

There are a plethora of other Ray Ban sunglasses to consider. Once you get a pair, you’ll know why they are so popular.

Wrist Watch

Ever since the Swiss created the first wearable watch, the bulk of the human population, the world over, has been wearing wrist watches. In fact, if viewed as a generic accessory, wrist watches far outstrip all other kinds of wearable technology. Imagine that! With all the accessories that women, teenagers and increasing, men wear, the wrist watch continues to retain its pride of place as the most worn gadget or accessory in the history of mankind!

I got my first wrist watch when I turned five. I can barely remember it now, but it was some sort of a Mickey Mouse watch. The two hands of Mickey Mouse showed the time and as I recall, I was extremely proud of this wrist watch. It was much later, when I became a man, so to speak, that my father gave me the family wrist watch. This was an old wind-up wrist watch. It was a Rolex that had once belonged to my grandfather. Although I knew that it was a symbolic wrist watch, I kept it aside and donned several other, sportier, and in my opinion more contemporary wrist watches. I had no inkling that it could be worth a great deal of money. It was only years later, when I ran into a wrist watch collector, that I realized its true worth. Now, although I still keep it aside, it rests within a security case and adorns the display stand in my living room. Who could have ever thought that a wrist watch could have such special treatment!

This story is part of the GP100, our annual roundup of the best products of the year. To see the full list of winners, grab the latest issue of Gear Patrol Magazine.


There are also several other specialty wrist watches out there in the market. There are special medical wrist watches that monitor the heart rates of patients, there are exercise wrist watches that keep track of the number of laps you have run, and at what degree of comfort. There are wrist watches for diabetic patients which remind them when it is time for the next insulin dose. There are also medical wrist watches, which calculate various concentrations of elements in the blood stream and advise wearer on suitable medication. It is not just medicine that has created unique wrist watches. Engineers too have their own pressure monitoring and altitude specific wrist watches. Divers have depth measuring wristwatches. And computer buffs, have recently gotten hold of a very special wrist watch.

The technology age has also changed the way we look at wrist watches. Recently, IBM, the company that pioneered the personal computer, introduced a Linux based wrist watch in the Banglinux conference. This nifty little wrist watch redefines the way most of us have been viewing wrist watches. Sure, there have been wrist watches in the past (most notably from the Japanese electronics giant, Casio) that combine the many applications of the personal computer or the hand held PC. But this new wrist watch will totally change all that. Its features make those of earlier models look obsolete. It comes with a mother board, a touch sensitive display facility, 8 MB of flash memory, 8 MB of DRAM and even radio frequency wireless connectivity. What this means that for all you mail freaks out there is that you can actually download your e-mail on the go. To your wrist watch!